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308 Win/7.62X51 NATO 6.5 CREEDMOOR
Capable of digesting everything from a short- to long-action cartridges, the AR-10 has chewed through ammunition as diverse as the iconic .30-06 to modified .45-70 Govt., and even .338 Lapua Magnum. Definitely an asset in a landscape where shooters demand specific rifles, calibers and configurations to meet their purposes. Hence, the AR-10 continues to gain traction with those who demand specific tools for their jobs, be it for whitetail season or a long-range shooting match.
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AR10 308 Win 18" Stainless Steel Upper Assembly AR10 308 Win 18" Stainless Steel Upper Assembly

18" 308 Stainless Steel

Our Price: $865.00
Sale Price: $470.00
Savings: $395.00
AR10 Creedmoor 18" Stainless Steel Fluted Upper AR10 Creedmoor 18" Stainless Steel Fluted Upper

This is a assembled 6.5 mm Creedmoor Upper Receiver ready to install on your AR10 Lower Receiver. Assembly includes CNC Machined 7075 T-6 Upper Receiver with Hard Coat Anodizing. 18" Creedmoor Barrel is machined from 416R Stainless Steel and Fluted. Fluting reduces Barrel Weight, adds Strength and aids in Heat Dissipation. Adjustable Gas Block helps "Fine Tune" Rifle Cycling and Aids in Recoil Reduction. Light Weight Floating 15" Key Mod Hand Guard allows Bi-Pod placement at the for-end of the Rifle. Bolt Carrier Group and Charge Handle are available if needed.


Caliber - 6.5 Creedmoori

Receiver - CNC Machined, 7075 T6 Aluminum
Barrel Material - 416R Stainless Steel
Profile - Heavy
Finish - NA
Length - 18"
Feed Ramp - 308
Twist - 1-10
Flutes - Yes
Thread Pitch -
Gas System - Rifle Length
Gas Block System - ..936 Adjustable
Gas Hole Diameter -
Muzzle Brake - Side Port Competition
Dimpled - Yes
Hand Guard - 15" KeyMod
Options - Bolt Carrier and Charge Handle

Our Price: $565.00